Chief Residents


Interior Health Chief Resident

An IH Chief Resident will be selected from amongst the Interior Health Pharmacy Practice Residents during the Program Orientation Rotation.

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Member of the Residency Advisory Committee as outlined in the Terms of Reference
  • Represent residents’ views on the Residency Advisory Committee
  • Collate feedback or opinions from residents as requested by the Program Coordinator
  • Ensure videoconferencing is set-up at the beginning of each Academic Half Day session that requires videoconferencing.  The IH Chief Resident will designate another resident to fulfil this role when on rotation outside KGH.
  • Organize a year-end party/social event (i.e. Resident Welcome Event) at KGH in June to welcome the new residents and say thank you to the department
  • Coordinate the selection of the Preceptor of the Year Award at the end of the residency year 

Selection Process

During the Program Orientation Rotation, the residents will select from amongst themselves, by whatever process they think is appropriate, an IH Chief Resident.  The residents will notify the Program Coordinator at the end of the Program Orientation Rotation, who the Chief Resident will be.  Note that the role could be shared by more than one resident.  This position is distinct from that of the BC Chief Resident and the same person could hold both positions.  


BC Chief Resident

A Chief Resident will be chosen from amongst all BC Pharmacy Practice Residents during the Evidence Based Medicine Rotation.  Responsibilities of the Chief Resident



-Last updated June 7, 2018