Academic Half Day Program

Guidelines for Resident Led-Sessions

  1. Each resident will facilitate one case-based AHD session during their residency year.
  2. The resident will receive their therapeutic topic at the beginning of the residency year. 
  3. A pharmacist AHD mentor will also participate in this session.  The resident will work with the pharmacist AHD mentor to develop the pre-session objectives, determine appropriate pre-readings, develop session objectives and develop the case(s).   The pharmacist AHD mentor will provide guidance and support to the resident when developing their session.
  4. The resident will teach the other resident(s) about the topic using a case-based format.  No slides are required.  This session is expected to be case-based.
  5. The pharmacist AHD mentor will help facilitate the discussion, ensure active participation from members of the audience and also provide insight on the topic from their own experience.

Instructions for Residents

  1. Residents are expected to contact their assigned pharmacist AHD mentor at least 8 weeks in advance of the session to discuss the teaching plan and area of focus of their topic and also to determine appropriate pre-readings, as well as to begin creating pre-session and session objectives and cases.
  2. Residents are to adhere to the timelines and guidelines for pre-readings and objectives outlined on the Guidelines for Session Facilitators Page and the AHD Resource and Tips Page.
  3. Residents are encouraged to consider that their audience will consist of their fellow residents when planning their session and to tailor their objectives, readings and the content of their sessions to maximize the learning of the session attendees.
  4. When teaching large therapeutic topics, it is not possible to cover all aspects of the disease state or therapeutics.  Residents are encouraged to focus their sessions on a component of the disease state that they consider important and the frame their cases around to the pharmaceutical care process and particular therapeutic concepts and controversies.  Residents are to seek guidance from their pharmacist AHD mentors with regards to appropriate session content.


-Last updated May 31, 2018