one45 for Residents

IH Program Policies

  1. Residents will refer to one45 for their most up-to-date residency schedules and associated rotation summaries.
  2. One45 will be used to schedule all Academic Half Day Sessions and to post all pre-readings and pre-session and session objectives.
  3. One45 will be used to schedule all BC Case Presentations.
  4. Residents will use one45 to document all activities in their procedure logs.
  5. Residents and preceptors will use one45 to complete all evaluations.
  6. Residents will receive an orientation to one45 during their Program Orientation Rotation.

Instructions for Residents

  1. Prior to starting your residency, you will receive an email notifying you of your one45 username and temporary password, as well as a URL to access one45.
  2. Save the URL in your favourites for easy access to one45.  You can also find the link on our residency website under "One45 Login" on the sidebar on the home page.
  3. Login to one45.  You can change your password after logging in.
  4. You will be taken to a menu of different options. 
  5. To view your schedule, click on “My Rotations” under the Schedules heading
  6. To view your Academic Half Day schedule, click on “My Calendar” under the Schedules heading.  Once in “My Calendar”, click on the month to see the ADH sessions scheduled that month.
  7. Click on the specific session to view the time, location, presenter and associated pre-readings and objectives.
  8. To review or document an activity in your procedure log, click on “Pt/Procedure Logs” and follow the instructions on the Procedure Logs page.
  9. To review completed evaluations of yourself or to view evaluations you have completed of others, click on “Evaluations”.
  10. Contact the Program Coordinator if you are having difficulties with your account.

Instructions for Completing an Evaluation in one45

  1. Approximately 4 days before the evaluation date (e.g. mid-point of rotation), you will receive an email from one45 indicating that you have an evaluation to complete.
  2. Login to one45.
  3. The evaluation(s) that you have to complete will show-up in your To Do’s section on your front page.
  4. To access the evaluation, click on the name of the person you are evaluating in the To Do’s section.  This will take you to the evaluation you need to complete.
  5. Check to make sure the person or rotation that you are supposed to be evaluating is correctly listed at the top of the form.  If it is not, contact the Program Coordinator.
  6. Complete the evaluation using the guidelines found on the Evaluation page. 
  7. When you are finished the evaluation, you can choose to “Save and Close” or to “Submit”.  Choose “Save and Close” if you would like to come back to the evaluation later to revise it.  Choose “Submit” if you are ready to submit the evaluation.  Rule of Thumb: Don’t submit the evaluation until you have discussed the evaluation with the target of the evaluation.  
  8. After you submit the evaluation, it will automatically be saved in your “Evaluations” section.
  9. Contact the Program Coordinator if you are having technologic difficulties completing your evaluation in one45.

 Syncing Your One45 Calendars with Your Mobile Device

  1. Residents will be able to sync their one45 calendars to their mobile devices, such as their residency iphones.
  2. To sync your calendar, login to one45 and click Manage Calendar Feeds under Schedules and follow the instructions depending on the device you are syncing.


-Last updated June 8, 2018