Comprehensive Oral Assessment 

Our residents will complete a Comprehensive Oral Assessment as a criteria for successful completion of the Program, as per the Standards of BC Pharmacy Practice Residency Program.  The Comprehensive Oral Assessment is designed to evaluate the resident’s ability to systematically create a comprehensive pharmacy care plan and present findings and recommendations to a panel of examiners.  Detailed information regarding the Comprehensive Oral Assessment can be found in Comprehensive Oral Assessment-A Resident’s Guide.  This Guide provides detailed information on the description of the assessment, expectations, procedures, preparation and evaluation:

IH Program Policies

  1. Our residents will complete a Comprehensive Oral Assessment as a criteria for the successful completion of the program as outlined in the Standards of BC Pharmacy Practice Residency Programs.
  2. The Assessment will take place in March or April, when the resident is on rotation at Kelowna General Hospital.
  3. The Assessment will take place on a general medicine ward at Kelowna General Hospital.
  4. The evaluators will consist of the Program Coordinator and one or more Interior Health Program preceptor(s).
  5. Residents are encouraged to review the Guide so that they are aware of the Assessment processes and expectations.
  6. The Program Coordinator will provide the residents with an orientation to the Assessment.
  7. Preceptors who would like to hold a practice Assessment are encouraged to review the Guide and discuss their plan with the Program Coordinator.
  8. Residents are not permitted to search the wards and/or computer system with the hopes of identifying potential exam patients.  Residents are not permitted to ask other Clinical Pharmacists about the patients prior to or during the exam and are not permitted to receive work-up sheets from Clinical Pharmacists from the ward where the exam will take place.  Residents are not permitted to come-in to the hospital on weekends to "practice" working-up real patients on the wards.  Any resident caught doing this will be reprimanded and at the discretion of the Program Coordinator, will be required to complete a second oral assessment. 


-Last updated June 7, 2018