Salary, Vacation, Leave, Travel and Other Policies

Salary and Benefits

Residents will receive a salary for the residency year as outlined in their letter of offer and will receive benefits, including medical, dental and extended health.  Information regarding payroll and benefits can be found on the InsideNet under iSite. 

  • Questions regarding your pay-cheque should be directed to Payroll Inquiries, with contact information found on iSite.
  • Questions regarding your benefits should be directed to Human Resources/Benefits, with contact information found on iSite.
  • Discuss Payroll Inquiries not resolved above with the Program Coordinator. 


Residents will receive two weeks (10 working days) of paid vacation during their residency year. Your vacation days have been pre-scheduled in your Residency Schedule.  Residents are encouraged to use this vacation time to relax and rejuvenate.

STAT Holidays

Residents will not be required to work on STAT holidays and will be paid for STAT holidays. 


Residents will be required to complete some electronic orientation modules (iLearns) at the beginning of their residency year.  These are required to be completed by all Interior Health employees, including residents, and relate to providing employees with the tools to work in a safe work environment.  The Program Coordinator will provide the residents with instructions on the iLearns to complete, how to access them and the deadline for completion. 

Project Days

Project days are considered scheduled residency days.  Residents are expected to be working on their projects during this time.  If project work is not available or possible, the resident should use this time to do other meaningful residency-related work.  Under no circumstances are these days to be considered days off.  Residents should use their project days wisely as they are limited in number.  This will require planning and organization.

Sick Days

As per the Standards of the BC Pharmacy Practice Residency Program, as soon as possible and preferably prior to the start of the business day a resident who is sick shall notify:

  1. EARL (Employee Absence Reporting Line): 1-855-264-9515.  Have your employee ID ready.
  2. Program Coordinator 
  3. Their preceptor 

If the resident requires sick leave of two or more consecutive days, a physician’s note certifying the illness is required. 

The Program Coordinator will track resident sick days in one45 and this will be regularly monitored by the Program Coordinator.  They will also be applied towards sick days according to our institution's policies.

Residents are not entitled to any specific number of "sick days".  When a resident is sick, the Program Coordinator, in consultation with the preceptor, will determine whether the missed days due to illness need to be made up and how this is to occur.  The timing of the absence in the rotation, the duration of the absence and its actual or potential impact on the resident's ability to meet the objectives and requirements of the Program will be considered when making these decisions.  If the resident requires sick leave for two or more consecutive days, a physician's note certifying the illness shall be required.  A record of such leave shall be maintained and applied towards allowed sick days according to our institution's policies.

Other Extenuating Circumstances

Our Program adheres to the policies pertaining the leaves for "Extenuating Circumstances" outlined in the Standards of the BC Pharmacy Practice Residency Program.  Residents should contact the Program Coordinator immediately should any of these circumstances arise.

Conference Leave

Residents will receive a stipend of $1000 to attend a conference during their residency year.  Residents will be pre-scheduled to attend the CSHP Pharmacy Professional Practice Conference in Toronto.  Residents will be reimbursed for their travel/accomodation expenses up to $1000 as per the reimbursement process outlined below.    

Residency Days

All rotation, academic half day, BC Case Presentation and project rotation days are considered to be residency days.  Residents are expected to be doing residency-related work during these days.  During conference days, residents are expected to be attending the conference.  Under no circumstances are any of these days considered to be days off.  The only exception to this are vacation days.    

Dress Code

Residents are expected to dress in professional attire. Lab coats are not required and are not typically worn by health professionals at IH sites, but can be worn depending on the rotation you are on at the discretion of your preceptor.

Photo ID

Residents are required to wear their Interior Health photo identification in a visible place at all times when in the hospital and on residency rotations/activities. Residents will also receive a magnetic name tag with their name and title.  This name tag was developed as part of the patient and family-centred care initiative to ensure that patients and their families know who the health care professionals are who are providing care to them.  Residents should wear this name tag while providing direct patient care and are encouraged to wear it on other residency days as well.  You will notice that your preceptors and pharmacy staff wear this name tag.  The Interior Health photo identification is required to be worn at all times, regardless of whether you are wearing the magnetic ID tag.

Travel Reimbursement for Rotations, BC Case Presentations, BC Resident Research Night     

IH Program Policies

  1. Residents will receive a travel allowance of up to $1000 per rotation to help cover travel and accommodation costs for rotations in Interior Health, outside of the Okanagan (KGH, PRH, VJH) and for rotations outside of Interior Health (i.e. rotations in Vancouver).
  2. Residents completing rotations at Vernon Jubilee Hospital and Penticton Regional Hospital can commute to these locations from Kelowna.  Residents' mileage for travel to and from these rotations sites will be covered if they are commuting from their residence in Kelowna/West Kelowna to a rotation in VJH or PRH.  Residents will not be reimbursed for accommodation for these rotations because they can live in Kelowna while completing rotations in Vernon and Penticton. 
  3. Residents will also receive reimbursement to cover travel and food costs to attend the BC Case Presentations in Vancouver for the presentation at which they are presenting.
  4. Residents will also receive reimbursement to cover travel and food costs to attend BC Resident Research Night, which occurs in May each year. 
  5. Food costs as outlined in the Interior Health Travel Policies will be reimbursed for the BC Case Presentation in Vancouver, as well as BC Resident Research Night.  Food costs during rotations will not be reimbursed.  
  6. The Program does have a list of accommodation options for all rotation sites in the Program.  This list will be provided to residents at the beginning of the residency year.
  7. Residents are expected to book their own travel and accommodation.  This requires planning.  Residents having difficulty with this should contact the Program Coordinator immediately.
  8. When booking a hotel, residents will stay at a hotel that has a Provincial Government Rate as per the following:
  9. Residents will be provided with the Interior Health Travel Policies and will be expected to review them at the beginning of the year.
  10. Residents are welcome to stay with family and friends.  If you are charged rent, you can receive reimbursement by having the person you are staying with provide a signed letter indicating that you stayed with them, the dates that you stayed with them and the amount charged.

To receive reimbursement for travel and accommodation costs:

  1. Keep all original receipts
  2. Obtain the reimbursement form from the Program Coordinator.  This form will be sent to residents at the beginning of the residency year, along with instructions on how to complete it.  This form is called a TEER form.
  3. Complete the form and return to the Program Coordinator along with your receipts (stapled to the form), who will submit for reimbursement.  It usually takes 2-3 weeks to receive reimbursement and will be placed on your pay cheque.  Place the completed form in the folder the says "Resident Travel and Credit Card Forms and Receipts" on the Program Coordinator's office wall.
  4. Residents who require an advance to cover the costs of accommodation or travel should complete the appropriate form, which can be obtained from the Program Coordinator.  This form is called a TEER form.
  5. Instead of completing these travel and reimbursement forms, residents do have the option of obtaining an Interior Health coorporate credit card to use for travel and accomodation.  The Program Coordinator will review this during the Program Orientation Rotation.
  6. The Program Coordinator in consultation with the resident, will reconcile all credit card purchases.
  7. Residents are to put signed credit card statements with stapled receipts into the folder on the Program Coordintator's office wall for review.   
  8. Mileage can be submitted for reimbursment when residing in Kelowna/West Kelowna and traveling to rotations in Vernon and Penticton.  Residents are to record their mileage and submit their milage.  This is done through iSite on the InsideNet by logging into iSite and clicking submit mileage under the business centre.  Complete the fields and under Trip Reason indicate the rotation that you are on.
  9. Residents are encouraged to photocopy all receipts and reimbursement forms and keep them for their records

UBC Library Card

Residents will receive a UBC Library Card to access UBC Library Resources.  The contact to get a library card is Gloria Cheng ( or  Residents will receive an orientation to UBC Library Services during their Evidence Based Medicine Rotation in July.

BC Pharmacist License

Residents are required to seek licensure with the BC College of Pharmacists.  Once obtained, please notify the Program Coordinator of your College ID.  If you are unsuccessful in obtaining your Pharmacist License, please contact the Program Coordinator immediately so that arrangements can be made.

CSHP Membership

Residents are required to become a member of CSHP as per the CPRB Accreditation Standards 2010.  Membership information can be found at  Residents are encouraged to attend CSHP events, in particular the Interior Branch event, which typically occurs in the Fall of each year as these are great learning and networking opportunities.


-Last updated June 7, 2018