Our Preceptors

What Do Our Pharmacists Do?

Pharmacists in our health authority are involved in providing direct patient care in both inpatient and ambulatory care settings, ensuring the safe and effective use of medications, through our drug distribution systems, and providing medication information to patients and other health professionals.  All of our pharmacist preceptors have well developed practices and are dedicated to and passionate about teaching and precepting. 

For example, at Kelowna General Hospital and Royal Inland Hospital, where the majority of residency rotations take place, Clinical Pharmacy Specialists and Clinical Pharmacists have well developed clinical practices in areas including emergency medicine, infectious disease, cardiology, nephrology, critical care, internal medicine, general surgery, general medicine, cardiac surgery and ambulatory care, as examples, and are integral members of health care teams in these areas.  They work closely with other health professionals to provide direct patient care, to optimize therapies and to improve health outcomes. 

What Other Precepting and Teaching Activities Do Our Pharmacists Participate In?

Our Clinical Pharmacists are also actively involved in precepting University of British Columbia pharmacy entry-to-practice students.  Our Clinical Pharmacy Specialists have advanced training in clinical pharmacy and pharmacy practice.  In addition to precepting and teaching residents, they are also actively involved in precepting UBC entry-to-practice students and many are affliated with the UBC Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences.  Many of our Clinical Pharmacy Specialists and Clinical Pharmacists have won awards for their precepting and teaching.  They are also involved in conducting research and contributing to pharmacy practice initiatives at both the local and regional levels.