Preceptor Training and Development

 Relevant CPRB Standards and Requirements
2.1.4(1): A preceptor shall have the knowledge, skills and practice experience to act as a role model and to assist in the development of the resident’s skills.  A defined process shall be used for orientation of new preceptors.  Continuing preceptor development shall be made available to all instructional staff.

Our Preceptor Development Philosophy

The Interior Health Pharmacy Practice Residency Program is committed to developing and enhancing precepting, teaching and mentoring skills in its preceptors.  Residency preceptors will be given opportunities to further develop their precepting and teaching skills through continuing education experiences.  Preceptors are encouraged to take advantage of these opportunities, as well as other self-directed learning opportunities to further develop and enhance their precepting skills. 

Preceptors are encouraged to contact the Program Coordinator anytime to request one-on-one preceptor support or to request a formal preceptor workshop.

Online Precepting Resources

Below are some good precepting skill development resources for self-directed learning.

  1. BC Preceptor Development Initiative, E-Tips for Practice Education: A good overview of fundamental precepting skills.  Enter as a guest.  Completion of this module is required by all residency preceptors prior to precepting a resident.

  2. Preceptor Modules through the UBC Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences Office of Experiential Education
  3. Preceptor Education Program for Health Science Professionals and Students: A good precepting resource from the University of Western Ontario.

  4. American Society of Health-System Pharmacists; Precepting Skills Resource Centre: Lots of useful information and resources on precepting, including webinars and modules.

Preceptor Development Workshops

Interior Health Pharmacy Practice Residency Preceptor Workshop 

UBC PharmD and BC Pharmacy Residency Program Preceptor Workshop
This workshop is currently held every two years in Vancouver and via videoconference and is open to all Interior Health residency preceptors.  The most recent workshop was April 12, 2016.  The Program Coordinator will notify preceptors of registration information in advance of the workshop.  The next workshop is planned for 2018. 


-Last updated May 31, 2018