Procedure Log Instructions

The following steps outline the process that RESIDENTS and PRECEPTORS will take to complete a procedure log.



  • To review the list of required activities and required quantities in the procedure log and to document the completion of a procedure log activity, sign-in to one45 
  • In one45, click on Pt/Procedure Logs in your menu (red arrow)


  • In the IHA Procedure Log screen, click Overview or Expectation Summaries (blue arrows)
  • To document the completion of the activity in the procedure log, click on Create New Log Entry in the IHA Procedure Log screen (yellow arrow)



  • Once in the new log screen, enter the date of the activity, search for the activity (aka procedure) by clicking search (see below)
  • Pick the preceptor for the rotation that you were on when you completed the activity.  If you completed the activity outside of a rotation or if your preceptor is not listed, choose the Program Coordinator as the preceptor.
  • Specify the name of the rotation or activity (eg. Academic Half Day) that you were on when you completed the activity 
  • Provide a brief description of what you did (eg. “I adjusted my patient’s dose of vancomycin based on his pre-level this morning”) and reflect on what you learned by completing this activity.
  • Click submit. Your entry will automatically be saved and recorded as completing the activity 
  • Once you click submit, a notification will be sent to the preceptor that you specified to provide you with feedback on your performance in completing the activity




You can always check to see how many procedure logs you have left by clicking on "Expectation Summaries", then "Generate Summary", then "Procedure Log Requirements 2018-2019".






  • When a resident has completed a procedure log activity while on rotation with you, an email will be sent to you notifying you that you have a procedure log evaluation to complete
  • To complete the evaluation, sign-in to one45
  • In your To do’s section, a “To do” titled “Log Entry” will appear.  Click on the name of the resident that you will be evaluating (orange arrow)
  • A screen will open that will show the date of the activity, type of activity, preceptor, rotation, resident’s description of what they did and the box for you to enter your brief feedback to the resident
  • Once complete, click submit and your feedback will be sent to the resident and Program Coordinator
  • Be sure to discuss your feedback with the resident, as appropriate 














 -Last updated May 31, 2018