Procedure Log Policies and Guidelines

Relevant CPRB Accreditation 2010 Standards The program shall maintain appropriate documentation regarding each residency trainee for a period of one full accreditation cycle (until the next on-site survey), including minimally:
(e) Experience records of each resident (e.g., monthly, quarterly or biennial reports)


Our residents will maintain a procedure log of activities performed throughout their residency program. The types of activities chosen for inclusion in the procedure log have been taken directly from the Canadian Pharmacy Residency Board Accreditation Standards 2010 Residency Program Competencies, and their associated requirements, and are those requirements that can most appropriately be evaluated using this format.  The residents will be evaluated on their ability to meet other objectives and requirements of the residency program through other processes, including rotation evaluations and case-presentation feedback.  The Residency Program Competencies are: (1) provide direct patient care as a member of interprofessional teams, (2) manage and improve medication use systems, (3) exercise leadership, (4) exhibit ability to manage one’s own practice of pharmacy, (5) provide medication- and practice-related education, (6) demonstrate project management skills. 

Procedure Logs 2018-2019
This is the list of required activities (procedures) for the 2018-2019 residency year

Note: the link to the required Precepting Modules listed in the 2018-2019 procedure logs can be found under Preceptor Resource Centre on the Preceptor Training and Development page.


  1. To provide the resident with an opportunity to document particular activities, experiences and accomplishments during their residency program
  2. To provide the preceptor or designate with an opportunity to provide feedback to the resident on their performance during these activities and experiences
  3. To provide the resident with an opportunity to reflect on their learning when completing these activities or experiences.

IH Program Policy

Residents will document their successful completion of particular activities and experiences and will reflect on these activities or experiences in their procedure log.  Preceptors or designate will provide feedback to the resident on their performance in completing the activity.  The successful completion of all activities in the procedure log is a Program requirement for successful completion of the residency program.

Expectations of the Resident 

  1. Residents will familiarize themselves with the types of activities included in the procedure log at the beginning of their residency
  2. Residents will discuss with their preceptors during their rotations the need to complete these particular activities
  3. Residents will seek out opportunities during their rotations to complete these activities
  4. Residents will document their completion of these activities and will reflect on what they learned by completing these activities in their procedure log in one45
  5. Residents will document in one45 all procedure logs completed for a particular rotation prior to the end of the rotation so that they can be reviewed by the preceptor prior to/at the end of the rotation.     

Expectations of the Preceptor

  1. The preceptor will provide the resident with opportunities to complete the required activities, as appropriate during their rotation
  2. When a procedure log activity is completed during their rotation, the preceptor will provide the resident with informal feedback on their performance during the activity, as a routine part of continual feedback during the rotation
  3. The preceptor will document the feedback to the resident in one45

Expectations of the Program Coordinator

  1. The Program Coordinator will regularly monitor the resident’s progress in completing the activities in the procedure log
  2. The Program Coordinator will review the preceptor feedback given to the resident through one45




-Last updated June 7, 2018