Resident Projects 2016-2017

Below are the research projects conducted by our 2016-2017 pharmacy practice residents and their project teams.  Click on the project title to view the project poster.

  1. Chase Fisher, Victoria Cox, Sean Gorman, Natalie Lesko, Kaylie Holdsworth, Nicole Delaney, Carmen McKenna, Piera Calissi, Edith Blondel-Hill, Heather Gainforth.  A Theory-Informed Assessment of the Barriers and Facilitators to Nurse-Driven Antimicrobial Stewardship.
  2. Jarred Kelly, Dawn Dalen, Richard Slavik, Sean Gorman, Peter Zed, Devin Harris, William Nevers.  Pharmacist Actual and Perceived Priority Interventions in the Emergency Department: An Observational Study and Survey Questionnaire.
  3. Alice Ratcheva, William Nevers, Sean Gorman, Richard Slavik, Kate Boutin, Natalie Lesko.  Barriers and Enablers to Implementation of High Value Renal Pharmacist Interventions: A Theory-Informed Study.
  4. Kris Scott, Richard Slavik, Sean Gorman, Heather Gainforth, Nicole Bruchet, Dawn Dalen, Lauren Hutton, Olavo Fernandes.  Design, Implementation and Evaluation of a Clinical Pharmacy Key Performance Indicator Tracker: DIE-cpKPI Study.