Project Presentations and BC Resident Research Night

Residents will formally present their projects at three different events throughout the residency year.  Project teams are encouraged to disseminate and present their results at other venues, as appropriate. 


1. "Introduction to My Residency Project" Presentation

Each resident is required to present an "Introduction to My Residency Project".  This presentation will be scheduled during a Pharmacy Live Rounds session in September/October.  Check-out your one45 schedule for the date and time of the presentation.  At least one project team member will be required to attend the presentation.  The purpose of the presentation is to give residents the opportunity to introduce their projects to pharmacy staff and also to receive some feedback on their project.  Residents will present this presentation from their rotation site and the presentation will be broadcast to all pharmacists/sites in Interior Health. 

Presentation Outline:

The purpose of the presentation is to give the pharmacy staff members an opportunity to learn more about your residency project.  Your presentation should be organized into the following sections (you will notice that these sections are also part of your protocol):

  • Brief background information on the disease state, or practice area, and the purpose of the study (i.e. why is this study important)
  • Primary and Secondary Objectives
  • Overview of the proposed methodology
  • Proposed timeline for the project  
  • Current status of the project (eg. what have you done so far?)

Presentation Length:

Your presentation should be a MAXIMUM of 8 minutes in length, after which there will be 5 minutes for questions.  Please ensure you are adhering to this so that we have time for all of the presentations.


2. Project Presentation at IH Pharmacy Conference

Prior to attending BC Resident Research Night in May, residents will have an opportunity to present their completed projects to the Interior Health pharmacy department.  The purpose of this presentation is to give residents the opportunity to present their project results to the department prior to presenting at BC Resident Research Night in Vancouver.  It will also give the pharmacy staff members an opportunity to learn more about the research conducted by the residents and their project teams.  This presentation will occur at the IH Pharmacy Conference.  

  • Presentation Date: May 4, 2019 
  • Presentation Location: Coast Capri Hotel, Kelowna
  • Logistics: the conference organizing committee will contact the residents to let them know when their slides need to be sent in (usually the day before the conference) as well as any other logistical issues.
  • Presentation Instructions: residents are required to use the slide template below for their presentations.  Each resident will be alotted 7 minutes to present followed by 3 minutes for questions. 

 3. BC Resident Research Night

This event will take place May 16, 2019 at Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences at UBC in Vancouver.  More information on start time and itinerary will be provided closer to the event.

Required Poster Template
Residents are required to use this poster template for their residency project poster.

  • The dimensions of the poster are 36 inches high and 48 inches long.  Do not change the dimensions of the poster.  It is required to be this size for printing.
  • Do not change the colour scheme or font style.
  • You can change the number/order of text boxes, tables and figures to complement the information you want to present on your poster.
  • It is suggested that you keep all tables and graphs as simple as possible, use as few horizontal lines on graphs as possible and use a white background for tables and graphs, because this looks better on a big poster.
  • Avoid 3-D graphics
  • Check-out the 2011-2012 Project Posters or 2012-2013 Project Posters or 2013-2014 Project Posters or 2014-2015 Project Posters or 2015-2016 Project Posters or 2016-2017 Project Posters or 2017-2018 Project Posters as examples.
Required Slide Template
Residents are required to use this slide template for their residency project presentation.
  • The project presentation is 5 minutes in duration.  You cannot go over this time. 
  • It is not possible to include all of the information about your project into the 5 minute presentation.  Just use this time to present the important background, methods, results and conclusions.  Audience members wanting to learn more about your project can visit you at your poster.
  • The Program Coordinator will schedule a practice run-through of your presentation prior to the BC Resident Research Night.  At least one preceptor from the investigative team is encouraged to attend this session as well.

Instructions and Deadlines for Project Poster Printing

  • The Program Coordinator will coordinate the printing of the project posters.
  • Residents are to email the Program Coordinator their final version of their poster, in PowerPoint format AND PDF format no later than May 8, 2019 at 08:00.
  • The Program Coordinator will have the posters ready for pick-up by the residents in the KGH Residents' Office by May 15th .
  • The department will cover the cost of poster printing.

Instructions and Deadlines for Project Presentation

  •  The BC Chief Residents coordinate project presentation collating, ect.  The deadline to submit your final powerpoint slides to the BC Chief Residents will be sometime during the week of May 13th.  You will be informed of the exact date closer to the event.

Poster Presentation Evaluation at BC Resident Research Night

  • Residents will be evaluated on their research and posters during the Resident Research Night.
  • The times that the residents will be required to stand at their posters for the evaluation will be set-out by the BC Chief Residents.
  • Check-out the Evaluation Form to see what you will be evaluated on.


-Last updated February 27, 2019