Research Project Posters 2014-2015

Below are the research projects conducted by our 2014-2015 pharmacy practice residents and their project teams. (Click on the project title to view the poster):

  1. Katie Wong, Bruchet N, Dalen D, Brecknock J, Enemark A.  Assessment of the Impact of a Tiered Precepting Model on Pharmacy Undergraduate Student and Pharmacy Practice Resident Learning and on the Preparedness of New Clinical Pharmacists to Precept Pharmacy Learners.
  2. Shaylee Peterson, Gorman S, Murray S, McQuat M, Dalen D, Slavik R, et al.  Optimal Time to Educated Cardiac Surgery Patients about Medications: A Pilot Study.  
  3. Maggie Billingsley, Gorman S, Amadio A, Slavik R, Foster R.  Inhaled Corticosteroid Utilization in Mechanically Ventilated Adults: Patterns of Use, Safety and Cost.
  4. Jessica Beach, Ramsey T, Gorman S, Lau T, Calissi P.  Characterization of the Role of Infectious Diseases Consultant Pharmacists and Antimibrobial Stewardship Program Pharmacists: A Survey of Canadian Tertiary Care Academic Hospitals.


Last updated May 15, 2015