Project Resources for Residents and Preceptors

Project Proposal Submission

This template is to be used by IH pharmacists interested in submitting a project proposal for consideration.

IH Project Proposal Summary Template

Project Timeline

This example timeline can be used as a guide by project teams. 

Example Residency Project Timeline

Example Protocols

Example project protocols will be provided to you in a folder so that you can see the typical structure and type of information included in a protocol.  Depending on the type of study and its methodology, you may use a slightly different format for your protocol. 


Required Reading for Residents

All residents are required to complete the Tricouncil Policy Statement 2 Tutorial This is a useful tutorial on the ethics considerations and is a requirement when applying to the UBC Research Ethics Board.  Project preceptors are encouraged to complete this tutorial as well, if not already done so.

Ethics Review Process

In an effort to streamline the ethics review process for residency projects, Interior Health residency projects now only have to apply for ethical review from the Interior Health Research Ethics Board.  This applies to all residency projects regardless of project investigators' affiliations with UBC.  Once the residency project has received ethical approval from the IH Research Ethics Board, the resident is required to notify the UBC Research Ethics Board of this approval.  The Program Coordinator will provide the resident with the contact information for the person to notify at the UBC Research Ethics Board.

Interior Health Research Ethics Board

Information on the processes and requirements for the Interior Health Research Ethics Board can be found on their website


-Last updated June 6, 2018