Research Projects 2013-2014

Below are the research projects conducted by our 2013-2014 pharmacy practice residents and their project teams (click on the title to view the project poster):

  1. Soomi Hwang, Bruchet N, Gorman S, Slavik R, Edwards L, Grieve K, Garner M, Herman G, Loewen P.  Assessment of Clinical Pharmacist-Delivered Education as part of Patient Self-Management of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease in Internal Medicine patients: A Pilot Project.
  2. Manish Khullar, Slavik R, Gorman S, Bruchet N, Murray S, Hamilton B, Dalen D.  Contribution of Hospital Pharmacy Residents to Resolution of Drug Therapy Problems for Patients: "RES-DRP Study".
  3. Sukhjinder Sidhu, Gorman S, Slavik R, Ramsey T, Bruchet N, Murray S.  Assessment of the Effect of Behavioural Change Strategies on Knowledge Translation and Pharmacist Interventions for Antimicrobial Stewardship: "PIAS-KT Study".