Residency Advisory Committee
Terms of Reference

Relevant Canadian Pharmacy Residency Board Accreditation 2010 Standards

Standard 2.1.3:
Pharmacists who hold high professional ideals and have the desire and aptitude to teach and administer the program shall direct the residency program
Requirement 6:
An advisory committee shall be in place to provide general oversight and guidance to the design and operation of the program:
-The committee shall have representation external to the department, interpreted as any qualified individual who does not have line accountability to the department, or a senior administrator to whom the department reports
-The committee shall have input from a preceptor and a pharmacy resident involved in the current year of the program
-The committee should have representation from another health profession that provides residency or similar experiential training


Dr. Nicole Bruchet, Program Coordinator


Membership on the committee shall include representatives from clinical pharmacy leadership and pharmacy operations leadership, clinical pharmacy staff members (IH residency program preceptors), a representative external to the pharmacy department and the Interior Health Chief Pharmacy Practice Resident.

  • Mr. Kevin Peters, Pharmacy Director
  • Dr. Richard Slavik, Regional Manager-Pharmacy Professional Practice and Residency Program Director 
  • Dr. Anthony Amadio, Clinical Practice Leader and Clinical Pharmacy Specialist, Kelowna General Hospital
  • Dr. Sean Gorman, Pharmacy Coordinator-Quality and Research
  • Liz Edwards, Clinical Pharmacist, Kootenay Lake Hospital
  • Dr. William Nevers, Clinical Pharmacy Specialist, Kelowna General Hospital
  • Sarah Huang, Clinical Pharmacist, Kelowna General Hospital
  • James Nataraj, Experiential Education Facilitator and Clinical Pharmacist, Kelowna General Hospital 
  • Dr. Jennifer Bolt, Clinical Pharmacy Specialist, Community Care
  • Dr. Jessica Beach, Clinical Pharmacy Specialist, Royal Inland Hospital
  • Dr. Melody Wright, Clinical Pharmacist, Royal Inland Hospital
  • Chase Fisher, Experiential Education Facilitator and Clinical Pharmacist, Royal Inland Hospital
  • External Member TBA
  • IH Chief Pharmacy Practice Resident 2018-2019  

Role of the Committee

To provide guidance, support and general oversight in the development, implementation and operation of the Interior Health Pharmacy Practice Residency Program

Areas of Responsibility

  1. To provide direction and oversight in the development of the residency program
  2. To ensure that the residency program is adhering to the CPRB Accreditation Standards
  3. To provide a forum for discussion of residency-related issues
  4. To contribute to the development of residency program curriculum and rotations
  5. To ensure that the primary sites involved in the residency program have a resource person available to them who is knowledgeable about the residency program
  6. To provide a forum for continual improvement of the quality of  the residency program
  7. To provide advice and support to ensure that all residents are meeting the goals and milestones in the residency program
  8. To support the program coordinator in addressing issues related to resident performance
  9. To provide support to residents when at representative site
  10. To provide support and guidance on the suitability and the conduct of residency projects

Duration of Membership

Membership on the committee will be for two years, beginning and ending in September.  Terms are renewable at the discretion of the Chair.

Meeting Frequency

Three times per year in October, February and May.  Meetings will be face-to-face in a meeting room at Kelowna General Hospital with teleconference available.  During the residency program development year, adhoc meetings may be convened at the discretion of the Chair.