Resident Mentorship Program




Our residents will participate in a Resident Mentorship Program.  The primary purpose of the Resident Mentorship Program is to provide the resident with another person that they can talk to and seek guidance from, in addition to the Program Coordinator, their preceptors, the Program Leadership Team, and the pharmacists, technicians, assistants and staff at their rotation sites.

Mentoring has been demonstrated to be an important component in the learning and development of professionals, including pharmacists.  It is also an important way in which adults gain new knowledge and skills. 

Our residents will each be paired with three mentors at the beginning of their residency year: residency-trained clinical pharmacists or clinical pharmacy specialists, including a recent graduate from our Program.  The mentors will provide the resident with guidance, support and advice throughout their residency year.  Topics that can potentially be discussed include progress during rotations and program activities, career goals and general well-being during the Program.  

Program Goal            

To foster the development and growth of the our residents through discussions, interactions, teaching and role-modeling provided by a mentor

Mentor Selection Criteria

  • A residency-trained Interior Health pharmacist who has volunteered to be a mentor. 

Expectations of the Mentor

  1. The mentor will contact the resident during the resident’s Program Orientation Rotation to introduce him or herself, explain the purpose of mentor-mentee relationship, and set-up a time for the first meeting.  This meeting could occur in person or over the phone depending on the location of the mentor and resident.
  2. The mentor and mentee will meet regularly during the residency year and ideally every 6-8 weeks.  Note that because the mentor-mentee relationship is a mutually agreed upon relationship between the mentor and mentee, the frequency of interactions can be whatever you and your mentee want them to be.  The frequency of the meetings may vary depending on the needs of the resident and time point during the  residency year.
  3. The mentor will provide support and guidance to the resident throughout the residency year.
  4. The mentor will maintain open communication, either in person, by phone or by email.
  5. The mentor will attend, where possible, the resident’s case and project presentations to provide the resident with support and feedback.  Note that given the location of the resident and the mentor, and the resident’s and mentor’s schedules, it may not be possible for the mentor to attend all of the resident’s presentations.  However, efforts should be made to do so, where possible.

Expectations of the Mentee

  1. The resident will discuss with their mentors, their goals, progress and what they are learning so that the mentor can provide support and guidance. 
  2. The resident will provide their mentors with copies of their evaluations should this be beneficial to them and their mentor.

Role of the Program Coordinator

  1. The Program Coordinator will send out a call for mentors to IH pharmacists prior to the beginning of the residency year.
  2. The Program Coordinator will randomly match the residents to three mentors each.  Efforts will be made to provide the residents with a mentor who, through their location or role, will enhance the diversity in their residency experience.
  3. The Program Coordinator will provide the resident and the mentor with advice, guidance and support, should issues arise during the mentorship process.


  1. Mentorship is recognized by the Program and the Department of Pharmacy as an essential component in the growth and development of our residents and as an important professional contribution by pharmacists within our department.
  2. Mentors will be recognized and acknowledged for their contributions to the professional lives of our residents by the Program and their contributions will also be acknowledged during performance assessments.


-Last updated June 5, 2018