Academic Half Day Resources and Tips

Below are some resources and tips that you may find useful when developing your session. 

1. Developing Your Academic Half Day Session

Here are some resources that you may find useful:


2. Writing Pre-Session and Session Objectives

  • Pre-Session Objectives-use words from "remember" and "understand" sections most often
  • Session Objectives-use words from "apply" and analyze" sections most often

The following is an example template that you can use when developing your pre-session and session objectives, if you would like:


3. Finding Good Pre-Readings

Examples of types of pre-readings include:

  • High quality review article
  • Clinical Practice Guideline.  If the guideline is lengthy, please also specify the areas in the guideline that you would like to resident to focus on.
  • Chapter from a therapeutic textbook, like Dipiro or Applied Therapeutics

The purpose of the pre-readings is to provide the resident with the necessary background information and context to answer the pre-session objectives, so that during the AHD session, the residents can focus on applying their knowledge by working through a case(s).


Last updated May 31, 2018