Research Project Posters 2015-2016

Below are the research projects conducted by our 2015-2016 pharmacy practice residents and their project teams.  Click on the project title to view the project poster. 

1. Emma Attfield, Matthew Swankhuizen, Sean Gorman, Richard Slavik, Nicole Bruchet.  Improving ICU clinical pharmacist handover process using a pharmacotherapy-specific tool: The Handover Process in Pharmacy (HAPPY) Study.

2. Kate Boutin, William Nevers, Sean Gorman, Richard Slavik, Dan Martinusen, Clifford Lo.  Development of intervention-related quality indicators for renal clinical pharmacists using a modified delphi approach

3. Michael De Guzman, Melanie Carter, Sean Gorman, Richard Slavik, Damian Rawnsley.  Pharmacist education and telephone follow-up after hospitalization for an acute coronary event: The Assessment of Cardiology Peri-Discharge Counseling (ACDC) Pilot Study.


Last updated May 19, 2016