Interior Health Pharmacy Residency Program

Program Curriculum for 2020-2021 Residency Year

The Interior Health Pharmacy Residency Program is a Year 1 52-week experiential learning program that focuses on developing and refining direct patient care skills, pharmacy skills, project management skills and leadership skills to prepare the resident for a career in pharmacy practice.

The large variety of direct patient care, medication management and leadership rotations available, as well as the other residency activities offered, ensure that our residents have as broad and dynamic a learning experience as possible, with the goal of our residents being able to provide comprehensive and focused patient care in diverse practice settings.

Our program is accredited with the Canadian Pharmacy Residency Board.

The majority of residency rotations and activities take place at Kelowna General Hospital (KGH) in Kelowna.  Our residents also have the opportunity to complete rotations at other hospitals within Interior Health, allowing residents to experience and provide care in a variety of practice settings.  These hospitals include Royal Inland Hospital in Kamloops, Kootenay Lake Hospital in Nelson and Vernon Jubilee Hospital.

Residents graduate from our program having gained experience in providing care to patients in the inpatient setting, as well as in ambulatory care and in large tertiary care academic teaching hospitals, as well as smaller, rural hospitals.  Given the breadth of their residency experience, our residents are well positioned to work as clinical pharmacists in diverse practice settings upon graduation.

Preceptors involved in our residency program are highly skilled and motivated practitioners and are experienced at precepting.  Many have won awards for their precepting and teaching.

How Many Residents Do We Accept?

  • 4 residents for the 2020-2021 residency year, which starts in June 2020.

Our residency program home site is Kelowna General Hospital.  Our residents will live in Kelowna throughout their residency year.  Residents will have the opportunity to complete rotations at other hospitals throughout Interior Health as outlined below.

Where Do Our Residents Spend Their Time?

Residents will complete the following rotations.  Residents will be reimbursed for travel and accommodation costs when on rotation outside of their home site (Kelowna).  Further details can be found on the FAQs page.

  • Program Orientation (1 week)
  • Clinical Orientation (2 weeks)
  • Direct Patient Care Rotations (30 weeks)
  • Drug Distribution (3 weeks) at KGH, VJH or RIH
  • Medication Management (1 week) in Kelowna
  • Management (1 week) in Kelowna
  • Clinical Leadership (1 week) in Kelowna
  • Toxicology (1 week) in Vancouver
  • Evidence Informed Decision Making (1 week) in Vancouver
  • Critical Appraisal (1 week) in Kelowna
  • Academic Detailing (1 week) in Kelowna, Kamloops or Cranbrook
  • Research Project (6 weeks)
  • Conference (1 week)
  • Vacation (2 weeks)

Direct Patient Care Rotations

All residents complete these. 

Core Direct Patient Care Rotations

  • Clinical Orientation (2 weeks) at KGH or VJH
  • Internal Medicine (4 weeks) at KGH
  • Critical Care (4 weeks) at KGH or RIH
  • Infectious Diseases (4 weeks) at KGH
  • Cardiology (4 weeks) at KGH or RIH
  • Precepting Skills (2 weeks) at KGH, VJH or RIH

Elective Direct Patient Care Rotations

12 weeks, chosen from the list below. Each rotation is 4 weeks in duration.

  • Ambulatory Care at KGH or RIH
  • Cardiac Surgery at KGH
  • Emergency Medicine at KGH
  • General Surgery at KGH or RIH
  • Medicine-Neurology Focus at KGH
  • Medicine-Oncology and Palliative Care Focus at KGH
  • Nephrology at KGH
  • Rural Medicine at KLH

Other elective rotations may be available.  Rotation availability subject to change.


KGH=Kelowna General Hospital, Kelowna

RIH=Royal Inland Hospital, Kamloops

VJH=Vernon Jubilee Hospital, Vernon

KLH=Kootenay Lake Hospital, Nelson

What Other Activities Do Our Residents Participate In?

  • Academic Half Day Program: This program occurs at regular internals throughout the residency year and provides residents with a supportive and collegial environment to enhance their clinical, teaching and research skills.
  • Resident Mentorship Program: Our residents are paired with three mentors, who provide the resident with support and guidance throughout the residency year.
  • Structured Research Program: Our residents complete a residency research project as part of Interior Health Pharmacy's program of research. Our residents complete research projects that are novel, impactful and utilize a variety of methodologies and our residents are supported and mentored throughout the research process.  Many of our residents have won provincial and national awards for their research projects.

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