Tips for a Successful Rotation  

What to Expect Before, During and After Your Rotation

1. Before Your Rotation Starts

  • Review your rotation summary
  • Develop a rotation schedule
  • Review the resident’s ePortfolio.  Our residents are required to maintain an electronic learning portfolio.  This portfolio allows residents to keep track of and reflect on their experiences, learning, achievements and goals during each rotation and residency experience.  Preceptors can review the ePortfolio to learn more about the resident and their experiences to date during the residency and also to learn what the resident’s personal objectives are for your rotation.  Residents are required to send their preceptors the link to their ePortfolio at least 3 weeks prior to the rotation, to allow for review by their preceptor.  Check-out the ePortfolio resources pages for more information.

2. At the Beginning of the Rotation

  • Provide at orientation to the rotation: review rotation objectives, expectations, resident’s own objectives and provide the resident with pre-readings and any patient care resources (eg. patient monitoring forms) that the resident will be required to use during the rotation.
  • Provide an orientation to the practice area: team introductions, describe the flow of the day, and provide an orientation to the ward/clinic.

3. During and at the End of the Rotation

  • If your rotation is longer than 2 weeks, you will be required to complete a mid-point and final evaluation.  See evaluation resources pages for more information.
  • Sign-off on any resident procedure logs completed during your rotation.  See procedure log resources page for more detailed information.

4. Post Rotation

  • Complete Preceptor Self-Reflection (sent through one45).  Reflection is an important component of any precepting experience, to determine what went well and what can be improved upon for future rotations.  Further reasons for this are described here.
  • Seek out opportunities for precepting skill development.  This can include contacting the Program Coordinator, reviewing online precepting resources and attending preceptor workshops.




-Last updated June 8, 2018